Milton Park Primary School

Every day a learning adventure

Why choose Milton Park?

What makes us special ? 

Why choose Milton Park for your child ? 


Our school is one family, at Milton Park their is a real sense of community spirit, we get to know your child their siblings, and our parents.

What else can Milton Park offer you and your family?


Our unique location.

Milton Park is in a central location , close to both Worle and the town centre. The school is easily accessible via the local bus routes and Milton Road. 

We take full advantage of being close to the sea, Worlebury Woods , Ashcombe Park and the local train station. Trips to the beach, sports in the park or exploring the woods all form part of our extended curriculum. 


We offer 

Our gates open at 8.30am for all year groups. Not only does this enable learning to start early but also ensure our busy parents have an earlier drop off time. This flexible drop off also ensure ease of access to our school site, with multiple drop-off points which aids easy parking.

We offer  ' wrap around ' care with our breakfast and after school clubs - an important resources for busy parents. The sessions offer value for money ....

If you have younger children , on our school site a a private nursery, which we work closely with. Many of our reception children attend Funny Bunnies Nursery prior to starting their reception year. 


Our pupils 

We recognise and acknowledge the unique spirit and talent of each individual child. Children have a sense of belonging in a supportive and happy environment where a range of talents and creativity will be nurtured enabling them to achieve their potential.

We expect high standards of behaviour of our pupils at all times . Our school values of REPECTFULNESS,  RESILIENCE, and RESPONSIBILTY form our key principles. We encourage open and tolerant attitudes towards others.

We believe that praise and encouragement helps to develop of positive learning environment. Whether  its taking part in golden time , being awards house points , receiving a certificate in our Friday assembly, or being part of the weekly class treat ( hot chocolate / ice cream factory some of our most popular events ) we take every opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our pupils.Take a look at our school behaviour policy here.


Our parents

We encourage active parent participation, we want to get to know both you and your child. We work together, in partnership with our parents. Parents are welcome to discuss their child's education at anytime. We understand that attending school may be difficult for busy parents, so we use a range of communication systems to keep you up to date , such as text message service, Facebook to share pupils works and school events, each class has a direct email address - which makes communicating with the class teacher easy and efficient. 

Parents are encouraged to get involved with fundraising activities, we have a very efficient parent group - Friends of Milton Park (FoMPS) who are always looking for more helpers. 


Our staff

We know how important having quality staff is to the education of your child. At Milton Park our teachers are well respected practitioners. They are dedicated to creating a genuine  love of learning. Get to know our staff by clicking here...



We are dedicated to providing an EXTRAORDINARY education, a curriculum that is unique to Milton Park, learning which creates ' butterflies of excitement for learning ' all our pupils. 




Our multi-academy trust - Extend Learning Academies Network 

Being part of an academy trust allows us to work closely with nine additional schools within Weston and surrounding villages. Our pupils benefit from a wider a range of sports , cultural and art events as part of our collaborative partnership. Working together, our staff and pupils are able to continually broaden and develop their skills. 

Being part of a larger organisation allows us to work together but also prides itself in allowing schools to celebrate and recognise the individually of each school. 


Seeing is believing - why not come and see for yourself ?

Book appointment, we would be happy to show you round.