Milton Park Primary School

Every day a learning adventure


Dear Parents, 


Welcome to our January remote learning page where you will find everything you need to access our remote learning now that we are facing a temporary school closure for the majority of our pupils. Below you will find a daily timetable that will provide you with an idea of how to structure your day and how long each 'session' should last for. Please remember that in the EYFS we value play based learning and would encourage you and your children to have lots of opportunities to play together throughout the day. We would not expect the children to sit still for longer than 20 minutes in school and many of the challenges set provide opportunities for active learning to ensure it is accessible and developmentally appropriate.


We aim to ring our families twice a week to check in, make sure you are able to access everything and answer any questions you may have - it will come up as an unknown number so please do look out for our calls! We are missing the children very much so it would be lovely if we are able to say hello to the children too! 


If you struggle to find all that you are looking for or need any help and support during our closure then please email our year group email on: 


Thankyou to all of our school families for all of your hard work and support during our closure - we know how difficult this will be for many families and we are here to help.


Home Learning in EYFS

We wish we are all in school together but while you are at home our school motto still applies,

‘Everyday a Learning Adventure’.

We have laid out a daily plan which relates to how we spend our day at school.

Some parents may prefer to follow our plan or you may wish to break the activities up over the day.

 Please aim to complete reading and phonics activities every day.

There are also challenges set for those learners who just want to accept the challenge!

Please upload all learning to Tapestry so we can share in your adventures.



Session 1

(30 minutes)

Physical-choose one of more activities

  • Oti Mabusi dance classes

Session 2



  • Explore Bug club to read and play phonics games

  • Username: first 4 letters of first name and first 4 letters of surname01

Password: child’s first name

School code: mipa

  • Listen to a story being read- videos of from Mrs Backler, Miss Gooding and Miss Kydd will be available online on our website

Session 3



  • White Rose Maths-EYFS

The link will give a video for each day of the week with an activity.
We shall also provide additional resources on

Session 4

(See topic sheet -30 minutes)

Topic activities set each week

  • These will arrive in your Tapestry account Monday-Friday at 9:00am or can be found on our website

Session 5

(See challenge sheet-30 minutes)

Rainbow Challenges

  • These will arrive in your Tapestry account Monday-Friday 1:00pm or can be found on our website. 

Session 6

Fine motor control

(15 minutes)

  • See the sections ‘Fine motor’, ‘Cutting’ and ‘Pencil Control’ on the website
  • Practise writing your name
  • Practise writing the numerals 0-9
If there is a powerpoint amongst the independent learning, we have voice recorded over them all to help your child be more independent. All you need to do is play the powerpoint from the beginning and then we shall talk through the powerpoint with them and click through each slide, just like a video!