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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 Curriculum page 


Year 6 is a very exciting year as it is the children's final year in primary school. It is a year where we prepare children for secondary school and build up their independence. 


The Year 6 team are really looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year and we know you will have a fantastic year with us. We have many interesting learning journeys to take which have been carefully crafted to ensure you will have a year of high-quality learning. 


In Geography, we will start off the school year learning about Rivers: how they get water, what shapes them with a end of unit focus on the River Severn. In term 2 our focus is on Mountains with a focus on how mountains are formed; mountain ranges; what life is like in the Andes; mountainous regions of the UK. For term 3, we study Settlements: what a settlement is; the differences between villages, towns and cities; and the largest city in the UK. In term 4, children will learn about Agriculture: the differences between arable and pastoral farming; how farming effects the landscape; and a focus on sheep farming in Wales. In term 5, our focus will be Volcanoes: how they are formed, what happens when they erupt and why people choose to live near them. Finally, in term 6, we'll finish the year studying Climate and Biomes: distinguishing between climate zones and biomes; the impacts on our oceans; and a focus on Mediterranean and temperate climates. 


In History, from Terms 1 to 6, we will be learning about empires, rulers, trade, religious beliefs, education and wars of ancient civilisations by studying the following:  Ancient Egypt, Cradles of Civilisation, The Indus Valley, Persia and Greece, Ancient Greece and Alexander the Great.


In Science, we will start the year with a focus on light and learning about how we see things. We will progress our learning on to electricity in Term 2 followed by evolution and inheritance in Terms 3 and 4. As part of this, the children will study famous scientists including Mary Anning and Charles Darwin. Living things and their habitats will be the focus of learning in Term 5 and, finally, Term 6 will focus on animals including humans. 


Please take a look at our subject overview for additional subjects.


It's going to be a very busy year and the Year 6 team are excited to welcome you and your families to Year 6.