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Pupil voice on bullying 2021-22

Term 1 - 08.10.21

Our children are the heart of our school and we think it is important to listen to thier views on everything we do.


During term one, we met with children from year 2 - 6 to discuss some key questions about bullying. Here are the questions that were discussed:


Key Questions:


What is bullying? 


Do you know what bullying is?


Who can you talk to in school with a worry?


Do we have bullying at Milton Park?



Responses from children in Year 2 to Year 6.

What is bullying?


  • When someone is being mean consistently.

  • When someone is physical or mean things everyday.

  • Repeated action.

  • Constantly doing it.

  • Someone being rude to you. Just take over your game.

  • If someone doing something mean every day that’s bullying. If it’s once then its not bullying.

  • When someone is alone, they are bullying you. Saying mean words to you.

  • It’s when someone is annoying you and doing mean stuff.


Do you know what bullying is? 

  • Upset, names, cyber bullying.

  • Making fun of your insecurities.   

  • Cyber bullying – I think it’s when people bully online.

  • Physical bullying and emotional bullying.


Who can you talk to in school with a worry?

  • Friends, trusted adult, Mrs Jorden if it gets that bad. Mrs F.B and Mrs Holden.

  • Tell  a teacher.

  • Tell Mrs F.B / Mrs Holden.

  • Tell my parents.


Do we have bullying at Milton Park?

  • Not that I can think of but there is probably some bullying in every school.
  • If there was they could talk to ambassador.  
  • There probably is.
  • I don’t think so.
  • Maybe bullying is outside of school?
  • I don’t there is. Most people if they were being bullied they would stay away from that person. 
  • It would happen in any school.


What would you do if you saw bullying?

  • Help them and let them know they can come to me. School ambassador - not sure on the role yet.
  • Try and tell a teacher and stop it from happening.
  • Sometimes it makes it worst – if you tell an adult.  Speak to Mrs Jordan.
  • I would go up to them and ask them if they are ok and I would ask the person who was doing it to stop.
  • I wouldn’t get involved and I would tell an adult as I wouldn’t want to get involved.
  • I would up them and not the bully because I wouldn’t want to get bullied.
  • I would try and help them and stop it.
  • I would try and break it apart and if that didn’t work I would tell a teacher.        



Pupil voice - from assembly within our classes - 23.11.21