Milton Park Primary School

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Our approach Years 


We are committed to giving children the tools they need to spell. Once their phonemic knowledge is secure, we use the North Somerset Learning Exchange Year 2- 6 Spelling Programme to teach spelling. The programme is designed to deliver a systematic, explicit and interactive approach to spelling, which encourages children to develop an understanding of how the English system works through investigation


From Year 2 to onwards, we teach children the morphology of words (how words are grouped into families, related to each other by a combination of form, grammar and meaning). Instead on learning lists of spellings, children are supported in their understanding of basic morphological principles which they can apply to the spellings of over half a million words.


Where words are irregular, and do not follow the rules, we use etymology (the stories behind the spelling of certain words) and graphic strategies to help children to learn these spellings.


Statutory spellings


As part of the new National Curriculum, children are expected to learn compulsory lists of spellings. These words are ones which are used a lot or may be tricky to spell. It is expected that all children will be able to spell these words by the time they leave Junior School. 


In addition there are two sets of high frequency words which are taught in KS1. By the beginning of Year 3 all children should be able to spell the words on these lists.


We teach the Y3/4/5/6 lists through our regular spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons  These words can now be viewed using the links below. We hope this will give you a clear understanding of what we expect in terms of progress and achievement in spelling through KS2.