Milton Park Primary School

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At Milton Park Primary School, our English curriculum promotes language development which enables pupils to communicate effectively and to appreciate the richness, magic and power of the written word. It enables children to see language as a source of pleasure and enjoyment and use it to develop powers of imagination, creativity and inventiveness.


"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosopher


Literacy is essential to everyday life and it is vital that our pupils become confident speakers, readers and writers in order to be successful in education, but also in the wider world. That is why our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff provide a language-rich English curriculum that promotes spoken language, reading and writing; developing an enjoyment of books and literature that will support children's learning across the curriculum while also enriching their lives. 


The engaging, progressive approach to English at Milton Park Primary enables pupils to be effective communicators, to read and respond to a wide range of texts with confidence, and to use a range of skills to write convincingly for different purposes and audiences.


However, English does not stop with the English lesson. All our children enjoy access to wide range of stories, poems and other texts through book events, the library and story-time. Book corners in each class reflect our reading culture and offer a great selection to entice even the most reluctant reader. 


The powerful English skills developed by our children then reach out and into our broad and balanced curriculum where they enhance our pupils' responses and engagement in a variety of subjects.

Our English Curriculum Overview