Milton Park Primary School

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How do we ensure all pupils can access Art and Design?

Teachers have a statutory duty to modify programmes of study to ensure all pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum. Whilst planning our Art and Design lessons, teachers will identify any possible barriers that may occur and provide alternative ways for pupils to be able to access what is being taught. This may vary from thicker tools, support to complete a certain technique or group work when evaluating or researching. Pupils will also be given additional time, alternate tools and personalised approaches to allow equal accessibility. As a school, we are aware that all children are unique and adaption is regularly needed to support those to access the curriculum effectively. 


How does Art and Design prepare SEN children for the future?
Art and Design and Milton helps provide all children in our school with skills that can be used in the wider world. It teaches children about proportion, colour and placement, decision making, evaluation and perseverance to not give up. Artwork takes a period of time to create, providing all children with the skill to keep at something. Art and Design is the area of the curriculum where there is no limit. Art and Design is a subject that is accessible by all and is an inclusive subject. It allows all pupils to feel valued due to it being about your own personal interpretation and approach to art. It is also a subject that helps the progression of fine motor skills and accuracy, looking at fine details and the placement of textures to create a piece of art. 

Art and Design is a subject that is cross-curricular, linking with many other curriculum subjects where the skills taught can be applied elsewhere.