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Year 2 Curriculum

Year Two is such an exciting year as the children develop their skills from Year One. This is their final year in Key Stage 1, a year when we prepare children for Key Stage 2. 


We are really looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year! We know you will have an absolute fantastic year with us. We have so many interesting topics that have been carefully crafted to ensure you will have a year of high-quality learning. 


In geography we will start off our new school year with learning about the UK  different cities and countries through our Land Ahoy theme. Later in term 3 we will we will continue our learning about the UK, focusing different countries and continents. We will look at important landmarks and use maps to locate the oceans and continents of the world. Finally, in term 5 we will extend and expand our geographical skills to further afield by learning about Africa.


In history we will start Term 2 by looking at women who have changed the world and the impact they have had on the way we live today. Later in the year, we will look at the Great Fire of London and then link this with the fire on the Grand Pier. We will think about how London has changed over time and develop our understanding of the term history. Finally, at the end of the year our focus will move back to  Weston super Mare  to look at the history of our seaside town. 


In science, we will start the year with a focus on animals and habitats before moving onto learning about everyday materials  in terms 3 and 4. Finally, in term 5 and 6 we will return to living things - this time with a focus on plants. The teaching of science in year 2 will have a great emphasis on practical experiments and exploration. Whether we will be testing materials for strength and durability or seeing who can grow the best sunflower science will full of hands on experience. 


Please take a look at our subject overview for additional subjects.

It's going to be a very busy year and the  team are excited to welcome you and your families to year 2.