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Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 Curriculum page 


Welcome to Year 5! We are all looking forward to a year when we will be working hard, celebrating our achievements and making sure the children are ready at the end of the year for Year 6.


The Year 5 team are really looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year and we know you will have a fantastic year with us. We have many interesting learning journeys to take which have been carefully crafted to ensure you will have a year of high-quality learning. We are excited to begin our new Opening Worlds learning in History, Geography and RE. 


In History, we will start off the school year learning about Ancient Egypt, finding out how the Ancient Egyptians lived and how Ancient Egypt changed over time.  In Term 2,  our learning will be on the Cradles of Civilisation studying the first examples of human writing.  In Term 3, we will be studying the Indus Valley, in Term 4 we will look at Persia and Greece, in Term 5 we will study Ancient Greece and finally in Term 6 we will study Alexander the Great.


In Geography, we will start in Term 1 by learning about rivers.  In Term 2, we will investigate mountains. In Term 3 we will be continuing our learning by studying Settlements. In Term 4 we will look at Agriculture. In Term 5 we will study volcanoes and in Term 6 we will finish our learning by studying Climate and Biomes. 


In RE we start our learning by looking at the Hindu story of Rama and Sita and we will continue studying Hinduism in Terms 2 and 3 by looking at more Hindu stories and traditions. In Term 4 we will study The Hebrew Bible and focus on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In Terms 5 and 6 we will continue studying Judaism looking at Joseph, Moses and the Exodus in Term 5 and in Term 6 The Kings, the temple and living as a Jew. 


In Science, we will start the year learning about forces focusing on gravity, air resistance and water resistance. We will progress our learning onto Space in Term 2 followed by Properties and Changes of Materials in Terms 3 and 4. Living things and their habitats will be the focus of learning in Term 5 and, finally, Term 6 will focus on animals including humans. 


Please take a look at our subject overview for additional subjects.


It's going to be a very busy year and the Year 5 team are excited to welcome you and your families to Year 5.

Curriculum Overview