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PSHE curriculum.


Through the teaching at Milton Park Primary School we aim for our PSHE to help and support young people through their physical, emotional (including health and wellbeing) and moral development. We aim to provide a happy, stimulating and secure environment, reflecting the school’s ethos where each pupil is given the challenge and opportunity to develop his / her full potential while enjoying learning while developing their knowledge of the British Values.


The PSHE curriculum will:

•             Be positive and proactive members of their local and world community

•             Have a clear understanding of right and wrong

•             Understand what is safe

•             Have the confidence to find help id they feel unsafe

•             Make the correct choices to have a happy and healthy life

•             See things from the perspective of different people

•             Explain clearly the feelings that they or someone else might have

•             Think about consequences of actions

•             Identify problems and solutions



A balanced PSHE curriculum at Milton Park Primary School enables children to develop their understanding and experiences from different lessons within the jigsaw programme. This allows children to take a positive approach to their learning as well as not attempting to decide what they think is right or wrong. In addition to this, the programme allows the children to learn by doing this in a healthy and safe environments. Furthermore, the programme is a way to challenge and help build on previous knowledge which reflects and meets the personal developmental needs of the children.



Jigsaw covers all areas of PSHE with different aspects taught in six topics throughout the year. Each year group will work on the same theme each term and will work through lesson plans at a level that is age specific building upon the previous year. Each piece (lesson) covers the specific PSHE learning (covering the statutory national framework for PSHE Education which encourages learners to enhance their learning by asking and answering questions). Jigsaw brings together PSHE education, British Values, social skills and spiritual development in a comprehensive scheme of learning. 



Our PSHE curriculum is based on the requirements set out by the National Curriculum and follows the PSHE Association Programme of Study. It provides a spiral structure, showing progression which will begin to be supported by knowledge organisers over the coming year.


From using PSHE Jigsaw, the pieces are carefully match the children’s age-related interests and will develop skills necessary to become highly functioning members of the community. 



•             Children will confident be able to recognise their own worth.

•             Children will be increasingly responsible for their own learning

•             Children to respond to challenges

•             Children to be an active partner in their own learning

•             Children to be active citizens within the local community.

•             Children to explore issues related to living in a democratic community.

•             Children to become healthy and fulfilled individuals

•             Children to have a sense of purpose

•             Children to have a value of themselves and others.

•             Children to build positive relationships