Milton Park Primary School

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Uniform Information

Milton Park Primary School Uniform


  • white polo shirt, shirt or blouse
  • burgundy jumper or cardigan
  • grey or black trousers
  • grey or black skirt - knee length or if shorter with tights
  • grey pinafore
  • red and white gingham summer dress
  • flat black or grey shoes (heeled shoes are not allowed)


PE Kit


  • black shorts
  • white t shirt
  • daps or trainers
  • unbranded black or grey jogging bottoms for outside PE

Please see the website at for opening information during this time. Due to Coronavirus guidelines there are changes to how you can buy your school uniform.


Thank you.

Uniform and Sundries supplier for Milton Park Primary School

Hope Uniform Exchange

Hope Uniform Exchange is a scheme in Weston-Super-Mare aimed at providing school uniforms and P.E kits to underprivileged families, and a uniform exchange for all parents to be able to swap pre-loved clothes their children have grown out of. We are hoping to soon take charge of a big red bin in which parents can drop off their unwanted school items for us to give to the Hope Exchange. 


1) Parents can swap useable pre-owned items for pre-owned items that will now fit their children

2) Parents with nothing to exchange can take pre-owned items for a donation

3) The parents most in need can access new school uniform through a referral basis (Please contact the pastoral team if this is something you would like us to do).


For more information, please follow the link


The Hope Exchange shop is currently closed but they can take orders through the email


List of items available (we will do our best to accommodate you - please clearly specify colour and size needed): 

Grey/Black Trousers (Girls & boys)

Grey/Black Skirts

Long sleeved / short sleeved white shirts

White/blue/red/yellow polo shirts

Black/navy blue/Bright blue/green/red jumpers & Cardigans

Black/Grey Pinafores

Summer dresses (various colours)


PE: Shorts, Skorts, Joggers, White t-shirts, Hoodies/Jumpers


We also have a number of the following: 




Some Branded items available - Please specify specifically what you are looking for and we will do our best.