Milton Park Primary School

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Computing for pupils with SEND 


As Computing and Online Safety are national curriculum subjects, pupils with SEND have the same entitlement to be taught the curriculum content as any other pupils. We have an obligation to ensure that there are no barriers to pupils’ attainment, and that specialist equipment and different approaches are provided where these are needed.


Teaching Computing to children and young people with SEND

At Milton Park, Computing for pupils with SEND ensures an appropriate balance between the foundation (computer science), application (information technology) and implication (digital literacy) elements of the curriculum.


We provide different methods of engagements and expression including:

  • physical activities 

  • audio support  

  • visual aids e.g. on programming commands 

  • opportunities for pupils to express their learning through multimedia, e.g. video, podcasts, presentations,  rather than text-based reports


Things we do to support pupils with sight or physical impairments:

  • unplugged activities to introduce and reinforce key concepts e.g. using flow diagrams, mind maps, printed commands, acting out - ensuring pupils can understand/define the  problem 

  • scaffold learning with model code for pupils to build upon - giving pupils time to tinker with completed programs to see  


Teaching online safety to children and young people with SEND

Children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) may require different teaching methods to learn about online safety, such as:

  • tailored teaching materials, including visual, verbal and multi-media resources

  • more detailed explanation of complex issues

  • continuous reminders and reinforcement of e-safety messages

  • a slower, smaller-step approach to building online resilience