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Year 2

Hello Year 2,


We are hugely proud of the way the children have been adjusting to this new normal and we are hugely grateful for your support!

Here is an overview of the learning we have done each term.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Year 2 team

Happy, healthy and comfortable.

We have been looking at the 5 ways to Wellbeing:



-Be active

-Take notice

-Keep learning


Ask the children how they can build this into their days at home.......

Year 2 Term 4 2020/21

Art - 23.02.21

We made a creative start to the term. Today in art, we learnt about primary and secondary colours. We then created our own colour wheel using any resources we had at home.

Year 2 Term 3 -2020/2021

Children's Mental Health Week - 04.02.21

To support our mental health and express ourselves, we made some chocolate rice crispy cakes this morning. Yum!

Teams Call - 03.02.21

We had a lovely catch up over Teams today. It was really lovely to see and chat to our home learners. We played a few games and listened to a story. 

English - 01.02.21

To celebrate National Storytelling Week, Year 2 have been discussing their favourite books. Here are some of our favourites...

English- 29.01.21

This week we have been learning about Valentino Tereshkova. Today we wrote biographies to explain what she did in her life. 

Art - 25.01.21

Year 2 were inspired by Andy Warhol today and created their own pop art space pictures. We discussed the use of bright colours and repeating patterns that Warhol is famous for.

Art - 15.01.21

The Year 2 team are really proud of all our home learners and key workers! Today we learnt all about the marble effect in art. We then created some of our own planets using what we had learnt.

Year 2 Term 2 - 2020/2021

Christmas Fun! - 16.12.20

Year 2 had great fun today when it 'snowed'.

Christmas Art - 15.12.20

Year 2 were very creative today and really enjoyed their Christmas crafts.

Christingle - 14.12.20

We learnt about Christingles today. We then created our own Christingles and explained what each part represented. 

Christmas Jumper and Dinner Day - 11.12.20

We loved out Christmas Day in Year 2!

Clay Plant Art - 08.12.20

Year 2 were fantastic artists today. They explored different ways of using clay to represent plants. 

Advent - 04.12.20

Year 2 enjoyed their advent treat today - hot chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits! YUMMY!

English - 23.11.20-27.11.20

This week Year 2 had a delivery from the Jolly Postman. He asked us to create some amazing work to send to him. Year 2 did just that. We pretended to be a fairy tale character and write a letter to the Jolly Postman to read. We hope he likes it.... (The Year 2 Team are sure he will!).

Geography - 24.11.20

Today Year 2 explored the world through Atlases. They came up with some creative modes of transport to travel around the world.

PHSE - 23.11.20

Today in Years 2 we discussed out emotions with the fun emotions board game.

Maths - 19.11.20

We have been having been working really hard and having lots of fun in Maths.

Diwali - 12.11.20

To celebrate Diwali, Year 2 drew some beautiful Rangoli patterns in the playground.

Maths - 12.11.20

We have great fun in maths today. We played lots of games and used different resources to support our addition and subtraction knowledge.

Remembrance Day - 11.11.20

In honour of Remembrance Day we learnt about the history of Poppy Day. We then created our own poppy.

English and Art - 05.11.20

Today Year 2 combined English and Art. We created a bonfire picture to celebrate Bonfire Night and then wrote instructions on how to create the pictures. 

Science - Plant Observational Drawings 03.11.20

Today Year 2 combined science and art. They went on a hunt around the playground and drew the plants that they found.

Year 2 Term 1 2020-21

October Half-term Reading


Next term Year 2 will be focusing on traditional tales. Enjoy some stories with your family by clicking on the link below.

23.10.20    Halloween Fun!

Year 2 have been getting creative with their Halloween activities. They have been trying to scare each other with these scary masks!

22.10.20  Halloween Day

Year 2 are looking super spooky....

20.10.20 Autumn Art

Year 2 have had such a great start to the year! They have made the year 2 team very proud! Last week we learnt to create some beautiful leaf rubbings and this week we created an autumn display.

20.10.20  Computing and Home Learning

Today we have been exploring and practicing to use our new online learning platform, Seesaw. The children are getting very good at using this now and even started teaching the teachers! 

16.10.20 Autumn Leaf Rubbing

Check out our beautiful leaf rubbings. We were inspired by the change of seasons in the playground. Watch this space to find out what we will do with these leaves next!

Autumn Art - Leaf Rubbing

15.10.20  Bug Hunt

15.10.20 Year 2 Bug Hunt

Look at us having great fun on our bug hunt!

Year 2 Blogging 

We're very excited to be able to announce that our Year 2 blog is live. This is a completely secure, managed and safe way to chat socially.  All the information you need about how to use it can be found in the PDF document below.  Please keep blogging and updating us about the things you are getting up to. We miss you all very much!