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Year 3

Welcome to our Year 3 Curriculum page 


Year Three is such an exciting year as the children develop their skills from Key Stage 1 and they begin their journey in Key Stage 2.


We are really looking forward to an exciting year and we know that you will have a fantastic year with us. We have so many interesting topics to learn about which we cannot wait to teach the children. 


In Geography, we will start off our new school year learning about rivers including how rivers get their shape and get water. Then, we will move on to learning about mountains and the UK's largest mountain range - Snowdonia.


In History,  we will be teaching and learning about some fascinating moments through History. These include: Ancient Egypt, Cradles of Civilisation, The Indus Valley, Persia and Greece, Ancient Greece and Alexander the Great. 


In Science,  we will start the year with a focus on animals including humans. Then, we will move on to forces and magnets in Term 2, rocks and fossils in Terms 3, plants in Term 4, light and shadow in Term 5 and how science works in Term 6. 


Please take a look at our subject overview for additional subjects.

It's going to be a very busy year and the team are excited to welcome you all to Year 3. 

Year 3 Yearly Overview

Year 3 Weekly Timetable