Milton Park Primary School

Every day a learning adventure

Our School Day

Respect           Resilience        Responsibility 

Our school day is organised to provide maximum time for learning across a balanced curriculum.

Our school gates open each day at 8.30 for all classes  and ends at 3.10pm EYFS/ year 1and year 5, years 2 3,4,6  finish at 3.15pm . This is so that we can facilitate ease of collection between year groups. Our children come straight into school and begin learning in their classrooms from 8.30, registration is at 8.50 am for all classes.

Each day has an act of collective worship - where children learn about our school values, PSHCE theme, discover current events and festivals, celebrate and share their learning, some assemblies are whole school others are completed in class.

Play time and lunchtime staff are trained to support children’s play.  There are a wide range of activities for children to enjoy, such as skipping, reading, drawing, sports and basketball . Each year group has a separate playtime and/or a separate area of the playground to play in.