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Year 4

Good tidings and Christmas wishes to you all!


On this page you find the steps for recording the video footage for the school choir (PDF) and the audio to learn and listen to.


If you have any questions, please e-mail

Upper Key Stage 2

Lower Key Stage 2

Harmonies mixdown

Hello Year 4!


We would like to say hello and welcome to all our Year 4 children and their families. After such a long break in their learning for many, it's been great to see the children come back to school so happily and enthusiastically.


For the first few days of the new term, we have all been getting used to the new routines and timetables and we're delighted to report that the children have taken everything in their stride. 


Please keep visiting our year group pages for updates and anything exciting that has happened in Missouri and Ganges classes!


Mr Turner, Mrs Barili, Miss Williams and Miss Kudji

A message from the Year 4 team 19.11.20


We are feeling so pleased and very proud of all of the children who have been completing work on Seesaw. We have found this to be successful and we have taken on all of the feedback received. Now that we have Seesaw up and running completely, we aim to contact your child by phone a minimum of 1-2 times a week to check in and see how they are getting on.


In the mean time, children can message their teachers on Seesaw by adding a response to the work that is posted for them. Alternatively, you can email your child's year group email account where one of the year group teachers will be able to respond.

Year 4 Newsletter

Year 4 Bloggers!


We are lucky to have our very own blog on the Milton Park web site. It is a completely secure, managed and safe way to chat socially. All the information you need about how to use it can be found in the PDF document below. It's a great way to stay in touch with the children and adults in Year 4 and share photographs, interesting stories and even jokes. So why not give it a try?

Reading Aloud Allowed 


In year 4, we ask that the children read to an adult at least three times a week and record their endeavours in their Reading Record. The children have their home reading books with them and these can be a great starting point but if you're looking for other ideas the World Book Day website ( has lots of fun ideas, creative booky challenges that are well worth looking at. In addition, the site also includes free audio-books, including full chapter books that can be enjoyed by all the family. Below you will find some suggestions to help your children with reading. 

Times Tables Rock Stars


The school has a subscription to this excellent Maths learning tool which can be accessed on-line or downloaded as an app. We found that it is extremely successful in helping children acquire the times tables knowledge which is vital to their ongoing success in Maths. All children have access to Time Tables Rock Stars and you will find their log-in on a label in the front of their school reading record. If you do have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us.

Independent learning 12.10.20


In Year Four, we continued with our independent learning! We've been exploring Greek Myths and the children have read 'The Tale of Medusa'. As a result, we discovered how she came to be 'Medusa the Gorgon'. Ask your children about the Myth and what would happen if you looked into Medusa's eyes...

Tuesday 13th October 2020.


Today, in Year Four, the children have been using their mathematical skills, research skills and becoming the character to complete their independent learning!