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Year 3/ Year 4

Year 3/4 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 3/4! We are all looking forward to a year when we will be working hard, celebrating our achievements and making sure the children build on their existing knowledge.


The Year 3/4 team are really looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year and the challenges that we will embrace together.  We look forward to our many interesting learning journeys which have been carefully crafted to ensure a year of high-quality learning.


Our History will start in Term 2, when the children will learn about the Stone Age through to Roman Britain and the legacies left behind. The next period of history studied, will be in term 4, when we focus on Ancient Egypt.  Our term 1 English focused on Egyptian myths so the children will have the opportunity to revisit and further develop their knowledge of Ancient Egypt. Finally, in Term 5 we will be studying the Anglo Saxons and looking at evidence left behind in our locality.


Our Geography will start in Term 1, when the children will learn about the British Isles and develop their mapping skills. Later in the year (Term 3), we will be investigating settlements in our local area and focusing on the water cycle and the geographical features of rivers. Finally, at the end of the year, we will be learning about extreme weather and the impact this has on humans.


In Science, we will be learning about animals including humans, plants and living things in their habitats and sound in terms 1 and 2.  In terms 3 and 4 our learning will be focused on electricity and light, followed by forces and magnets. Then to finish off the year in terms 5 and 6, we will focus on states of matter and rocks and fossils.


Please take a look at our subject overview for additional subjects.


It's going to be a very busy year and the Year 3/4 team are excited to welcome your children to year 3/4.

Curriculum Overview