Milton Park Primary School

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Writing at Milton Park Primary School

Children at Milton Park develop their skills in both aspects of writing - transcriptional (handwriting, spelling) and compositional (making their writing appropriate and engaging.

Spelling at Milton Park Primary School

At Milton Park, we use the North Somerset Learning Exchange's 'YEAR 2 – 6 SPELLING PROGRAMME’. This programme allows for systematic, explicit and interactive teaching of spelling which encourages children to investigate and understand how our spelling system works.


By building on children’s knowledge of phonics (how the 26 letters of the alphabet represent approximately 44 sounds in the English language in approximately 140 different ways) children will have the tools to spell 85% of root words.


In Year 2 and Key Stage 2, we teach children the morphology of words (how words are grouped into families, related to each other by a combination of form, grammar and meaning). By mastering basic morphological principles, children will have a way of working out the spelling of over half a million words.


The remaining words are irregular.  We use etymology (the stories behind the spelling of certain words) and graphic strategies to help children to learn these spellings.