Underwater Collage

3rd October 2016

Underwater Collage
At the Tropicana Big Day Out the children all participated in an art project.  All this art has been in to a 20ft collage which is in 5 sections.
The 5 sections are spending a week in all 5 Trust schools so that Parents, Carers and families can come and see the amazing collage.  After all 5 schools have seen the art then each school will have one of the sections to display in their own school.
From the week commencing 31st October, Milton Park will take delivery of the collage and we would love you all to come and view it.
It will be on display in the upper hall everyday from 3.15pm-3.45pm.
We look forward to seeing you all there over the week.
I have been informed by the Headteacher that there have been several incidents involving dangerous and inconsiderate parking on Milton Park Road. We understand that it is difficult without the parking markings and that some families have limited time in the mornings to get their children to school. This does not mean that you can endanger lives. So far, members of staff have witnessed two serious altercations and two near misses, one involving a child the other a parent. The School has informed the council and the police of the difficulties that we face during this time and we are encouraging parents and residents to take registration numbers down and inform the police of dangerous or inconsiderate parking.
May I remind you that the school and its staff have no legal authority to traffic police the area. We are strongly requesting that you park sensibly for everyone’s safety, especially the children attending the school.  
Do not park on or inbetween the cones
Do not double park
Do not 'drop off' in the middle of the road.
These things are endangering children’s lives.
Parking at the top or bottom of the road and walking your children is preferred. Walking to school is an easy way to keep fit and will keep everyone safe.
         Your support is much appreciated
Louise Brogan
Chair of Governors
Roald Dahl Week
Hi Milton Park/Office Staff

Many thanks to everyone for making me so welcome (again) over the last two days.  Always a pleasure to come to Milton - the school has such a great, friendly ethos and the children were fantastic!


Mr Twit ;-)

(Harry Cadwallder - www.cadcharacters.co.uk)