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Mrs Cowlin is the School Inclusion Leader. She can be contacted through the school office if you need to speak with her.

At Milton Park Primary School we believe that each child has individual and unique needs. However, some children require more support than others.  If these children are to achieve their full potential, we must recognise this and plan accordingly.  We acknowledge that many children will have special educational needs at some time in their school career.  Some of these may require help throughout their time in school, whilst others may need a little extra support for a short period to help overcome their needs.

SEN Information Report - This is a draft document.  If you would like to have a say about this document please contact Mrs Cowlin on 01934 624868.

SEN Policy -  If you would like to have a say about this document please contact Mrs Cowlin on 01934 624868.


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Milton Park Primary School: Inclusion Overview.

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SEN abbreviations

Supportive Parents - SEN and Disability Information

What If I’m Not Happy?

Special Educational Needs and Disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years


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