'Lastest Ofsted Report - 3 out of 5 areas are now Good'

Children arriving in the Early Years Foundation Stage quickly settle into school life because of the high-quality care and support provided by staff. They make strong progress in speaking and listening, reading, writing, number and technology. They get off to a good start and by the time they leave the Early Years Foundation Stage, the proportion of children achieving a good level of development is above the national average.

Governors are working more closely with school leaders on self-evaluation and improvement planning. Through regular visits to classes, pupil conferencing and meeting with leaders, governors have a good awareness of the quality of teaching and its impact on learning. They have a strong understanding of how school leaders hold teachers to account for their work and challenge any underperformance.

Pupils have a good understanding of how to keep safe.  They receive good guidance through lessons and assemblies in developing skills that will keep them safe and able to manage risk when in and out of the school. For example, pupils are very clear about the use of the internet and how to use it safely.

'Opportunities to develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are threaded throughout the curriculum. Learning in the classroom is enhanced by an extensive range of trips, visits and cultural experiences. Pupils talk enthusiastically about trips. A visit to the Tower of London and seeing the crown jewels was much enjoyed by pupils. They talked excitedly about this trip and and were able to provide details of the learning that had taken place'.

The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils’ conduct around the school and in lessons is good. They have positive attitudes towards school, show respect and take good care of each other. The school’s core values are strongly promoted and embedded. Pupils clearly understand the importance of these values when making choices about their behaviour and conduct. One pupil said, ‘We are well behaved because we have clear rules so everybody knows what to do.’

Pupils are fully aware of the different forms of bullying. They told inspectors that bullying is rare and are confident that staff deal quickly with any incidences that occur.

Since her arrival, the headteacher has taken rapid action to address weaknesses in teaching. Recent appointments are having a positive impact on the quality of teaching. Inspection evidence, including joint observations with senior leaders, discussions with pupils, staff and governors and an analysis of the school’s monitoring records, confirms this improving picture.