Parents Information Afternoons - Maths
The sessions have been a great success.  It has been great to see so many parents working with their children to understand the methods that we currently use at Milton Park.
It has been lovely to hear about all the maths work you have been doing with your children at home.
So far we have covered subtraction and multiplacation.  Sessions on division and addition will follow.
Thank you for your comments.  They have been useful in helping us to adapt the structure of the next session.
kind regards
The Maths Team
Julia Flynn, Kate Williams and Katie Miles
Parent Comments:
Very helpful maths session.  Mum learnt a way of multiplying too ;-)
I find these sessions very useful as it gives idea's of how to help at home.
It is also good to interact and see how the children learn
Really good information session.  Nice idea to involve the children.
Good to learn how they do it - very different to how it did it at school!!!!!!!!
It was great to work with my child and learn together.  Understanding how we should guide them with their calculations will be valuable.
This maths workshop was much better than last time.  Teachers to hand at all times and more one to one with my child.  Really good and better system and way of doing things - WELL DONE
It was very useful having my child show me how to work out the maths problems
Tuesday 29th March and Wednesday 30th March - Menu Change
Please see the attached menu.
On Tuesday 29th March it will be the Monday menu (all day breakfast etc)
On Wednesday 30th the Salad will be Cheese instead of Gammon.