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17th January 2017
Help! I’m a new governor
Firstly, thanks for electing me to be one of the new parent governors. Already I feel like my knowledge about the school is going through the roof. There’s so much information and I’d like to share with other parents as much as I’m able, as I’m sure we’d all like to understand the school our kids go to a bit more. For example, did you know you can submit a review of the school via a website called Parent View ? Neither did I, but I’ve done one now!
Before volunteering to be a governor I had a rough idea of what it meant, but there’s a lot more to it than I thought so I’ll give you an overview of how I see the role now I’ve been in it a couple of months. A governor attends regular meetings with the other governors and the headteacher to be updated on what’s going on in the school, agree any changes to policies and generally question how everything is being run to make sure there are checks and balances in place. (As well as navigate through a minefield of acronyms!) There are staff governors there speaking up for staff and as one of the parent governors, I represent the parents too.
So point number one: if you’ve got any concerns, issues, niggles, good or bad things to say about the school that you don’t want to speak to the staff, then feel free to grab me in the playground and talk to me. I probably won’t know the answer there and then, but I promise to find out or feedback and get let you know the outcome.
Each governor is also given a link subject. Mine is PSHE and RE. PSHE is personal, social and health education. The idea is we spend some time getting to know the staff responsible for these subjects, how it’s taught and offer (hopefully) helpful feedback and questioning around it. So point number two: if you want to know more about these subjects or have ideas and suggestions then let me know that too.
There’s plenty of training available for governors on loads of different things like budget setting, safeguarding and recruitment. I’m working my way through about one or two training courses a month at the moment to get up to speed and be able to do the role well. I’ve also just completed a ‘Learning Walk’ with the PSHE lead Mr Turner and the RE lead Mrs Caldwell. This involved having a tour around the different classrooms looking at how these subjects are taught and explored in each year group. I’ve come away with plenty of questions, so I’ll do another blog soon to share some of that newly acquired information.
13th January 2017

I visited school today for the first time as a parent governor with focus on maths as a subject.
It was great to see that all the children were so engaged in their learning within the classrooms but the best part of my visit was meeting some children who spoke so enthusiastically about their learning and were proud to show their work books.
I was so impressed with their enthusiasm.

Leanne Ford - Parent Governor
1st November 2016

I would like to say a big well done to all of the children at Milton Park and the other Trust schools for the amazing piece of art that they produced on their 'Big Day Out'. I came into school to look at it this morning and thought that it was fantastic! I have been told that you had a great day and I'm a bit jealous that I couldn't be there too.

Keep up the good work!

Louise Brogan - Governor