Audit of School Fund

School Fund
The School Fund is a separate account for all voluntary income and expenditure outside the scope of the school's devolved budget.
Purpose of the Unofficial School Fund

The purpose of the unofficial school fund is: 

* to advance the academic and personal growth of pupils past, present and future

* to maintain and improve sports and recreational facilities

* to establish new buildings and improvements to existing ones, together with enrichment of the overall general school environment

* to provide pupils with rewards and incentives

* to contribute towards enrichment activities, for example school trips and visits

* to contribute towards the cost of special events or celebrations, whether or not pupils are present, to a maximum sum of £150 per event

* to provide a small gift to recognise the end of employment where collection amongst colleagues is inappropriate, to a maximum of £25


The unofficial school fund will not be used for:

 * payments to employees, other than reimbursement of expenses authorised on behalf of the school.