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Welcome to our EYFS page!

Please continue to use and access Discovery Education, Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots whilst at home.

Your child's username and passwords is in the back of their reading records. (We have been sent the details via Tapestry if you cannot find your log in details)

If you have any questions about anything in the pack, would like to share with us photos of what you have been doing or you just want to say hello, please use the EYFS email to get in touch.  We will be checking it as regularly as possible and will get back to you as soon as we are able to.


Please use Tapestry to update us on your child's learning and things they are getting up to whilst at home. As well as using the resources in their learning packs, why not use this time to also teach them how to do jobs around the house, tie their shoe laces, make a sandwich independently or to just have some one on one time to enjoy each others company.



EYFS weekly challenges

Each week we upload a new challenge for the children to try and complete. Please show us how the children do through photos and videos and uploading them on to Tapestry. This way we can comment and see how fantastic everyone is doing!

Weekly challenge #1

Week 1

Can you show us how to push, pat, throw, catch and kick an object with control? 

Weekly challenge #2

Week 2

On the last day of school, The Jolly Postman sent us the story of The Gingerbread Man and in this story the little old lady bakes a gingerbread man who runs away! 
Your challenge is can you make something to eat (with the supervision of an adult)? Whether it be a bowl of cereal, a sandwich, a fruit salad... anything!

Weekly challenge #3

Week 3
'Shapes are all around us'... Let's see if this is true! In your home environment, can you find and take a picture with the following shapes: cube, sphere, cuboid, cone, pyramid, and a cylinder. Fancy an extra challenge? Create a table and write the object under the shape headings. Happy exploring shape detectives! 

Weekly challenge #4

Do you have a particular song that makes you feel happy and positive? Whether you do or not, choose a song and show us your best dance moves! Let your dance moves express how you feel and enjoy a bit of music. Maybe you could even create a dance routine? 

Weekly challenge #5

This weeks challenge is to create a healthy, balanced meal. How you want to show your healthy balanced meal is up to you, you can make a plate with real food, draw a plate, create a poster or any other creative way!

Weekly challenge #6

This weeks challenge is all about ordering... you need to find 5 items of your choice and then order them in length or height, then you need to order them in weight!

Weekly challenge #7

Tell us about all the things that make you smile and make you feel happy. How you present it is up to you. 

Weekly challenge #8

This weeks challenge is to talk about some of the things you have observed such as plants, animals, natural and found objects. When you are next out for your daily exercise, take a piece of paper and a pencil and draw 5 things that you observe. If you can, write a word or a simple sentence underneath about what you have seen. 

Weekly challenge #9

This weeks challenge is about accuracy and speed. You have 1 minute to see how many times you can throw some socks (or anything soft you can throw) into a saucepan. Make sure you count them up at the end and let us know how many you get! Can you beat your time by having a second go? 

Weekly challenge #10

This weeks challenge is to simply chill and relax! It is half term and you have all done a superb job with your home learning and we have loved seeing it on tapestry so grab a squash and a biscuit and have a week of chilling! You could send us a picture of how you're relaxing if you'd like!

Weekly challenge #11

Thinking about the number 11... how many ways can you make this number? Use your knowledge of addition and subtraction and find two numbers that have the total of 11. If it helps, I sometimes find 11 objects and split them into two groups to find two numbers that when adding together make 11. Show us your great maths on tapestry! Have fun Mathematicians!

Weekly challenge #12


Try and draw a picture, like a flower or a car,  WITHOUT taking your pen or pencil off of the paper... does it look how you hoped? Have fun!

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Learning videos

Additional resources

School closure pack week of 27.04.20

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing difficulties uploading our videos that accompany this weeks home learning to the website. They will be available on the school Facebook page from 27.4.20. 

We aim to have this technical issue resolved as soon as we can; so please stick with us...we are learning too! 

We are missing you all and love looking at all your adventures on Tapestry. Remember to stay safe, stay at home; except for one hour of exercise daily and remember to social distance yourselves. If we all adhere to this we should be able to all be together before too long.

Additional Resources

School closure pack week of 20.04.20

Unfortunately, the videos to go alongside the learning were to large to upload so they can be found on our Facebook page with 'EYFS week of 20.04.20 learning' in the title.  If you are unable to access this, please email us and we shall see if we can upload the videos via tapestry for you to access on your personal account. Please only ask for this if you are unable to see the videos on facebook. 


We hope you are all well and the EYFS team is missing everyone lots. Please continue to stay safe and stay positive

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