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As you will be aware, we follow the advice of the county and recommend best health and safety practice with regard to children wearing earrings in PE. Our policy has been:


  • No earrings should be worn in PE.

  • Children should remove own earrings and store them safely or parents should remove them before the start of the school day.

  • Under no circumstances will staff remove them for children.

  • Parents cannot give permission for earrings to stay on in PE.


There have been a few instances when children have been unable to remove earrings (for examples because of an infection) and because of this those children have been unable to take an active part in PE lessons. I know parents have been as concerned about this as we have been so we are going to make a slight alteration to our PE guidence following the advice from the Association of Physical Education.


  • It remains the policy that all earrings should be removed before a child takes part in PE and that they should be removed by the child or by the parent before school.

  • In the small number of cases where there is a long-term problems with this, we will allow children to participate with their ears taped under the following circumstances:

    • Children have ears taped by parents before school or

    • Children bring in suitable tape and do it themselves (neither staff nor other children should be asked to do this);

    • Earrings are flat and not protruding or hoops of any kind (hoops are inadvisable under all circumstances at school);

    • Parents have written to school to confirm the situation;

    • Teachers will assess that the activities taking place in the lesson are safe and do not present an unnecessary risk to those children. Where safe participation cannot be assured then the pupil cannot take part in that element of the lesson.

I hope this clarifies the policy for parents.



(To be kept in drawstring bag on child's peg)


• Black shorts

• White t-shirt

• Black daps


The wearing of jewellery is not permitted with the exception of small stud earrings which must be removed

during PE.


Long hair should be tied back at all times and hair ornaments kept to a minimum.


Labelling your child's belongings is vital to prevent them from being mislaid.