Milton Park Primary School

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Intent, Implementation and Impact



The principles that drive our English curriculum are derived from research evidence. Listening and responding to engaging, quality, and sometimes substantial texts, enhances children’s command of written language and moves their learning forward. 


English Learning Journeys at Milton Park Primary School are therefore linked to high-quality children’s literature (both fiction and non-fiction). Children and teachers collaborate through 'book talk' to interrogate and construct meaning and develop their understanding of different text forms and types. Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation are woven together with the transcriptional skills of handwriting and spelling to produce effective compositions.  By planning, drafting, editing, proofreading and finally publishing their writing, children learn that writing is a progressive process.


We know that children make progress in writing where teachers engage in writing themselves, sharing experience and expertise and their classes. Self-assessment and peer-assessment is also encouraged and supported as it allows children to regulate and progress their own learning in English.