Milton Park Primary School

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Intent Implement Impact


We have an ambitious, knowledge rich program of study which is based upon the National Curriculum. Conceptually, we plan for our children to be able to talk about their learning in terms of:

  • continuity and change in and between periods
  • cause and consequence
  • significance of events  and people
  • similarity and difference within a period or situation



Our intention is to achieve the following:

  • embedding ‘important and inspiring’ knowledge through the teaching of history.
  • development of subject specific skills and the application of maths and English skills
  • deliver progressively sequenced knowledge in line with the children’s developing understanding
  • use enquiry questions to initiate lines of discovery and conceptual understanding
  • show the children where they, their town and their era sits globally and chronologically





History is taught weekly in every other term. The content of the history curriculum is designed to build on and enhance the content of the geography sequences of lessons.

Lessons each begin with an opportunity to reactivate what prior learning. This is followed by an enquiry question that is focussed on a particular skill, knowledge or event in the past. 

In order to achieve this we have :

  • Drawn on resources in the locality in order to embed learning through memorable experiences.
  • provide engaging, ‘hands on’ experience which link meaningfully to other curricular subjects.
  • Planned for each sequence of lessons to be part of a continuum where overarching themes and narratives are illuminated further each year.
  • focussed on the deep understanding of key facts and their causes and effects.
  • emphasised relevance to the environment and times in which the children live



Assessing Humanities will be a feedback centred experience. Children will be given a range of opportunities to demonstrate their deep understanding of the themes and knowledge that have been taught. Teachers will draw on the National Curriculum statements to paint a clear picture of the children as Historians.




Methods will include:

  • written reports or responses to enquiry questions
  • observations of group discussions
  • creation of images or models
  • children acting in the role of reporter or expert
  • response to fragments of planned misconceptions
  • reflective oral feedback such as quizzes, story time or creating video clips and films