Milton Park Primary School

Every day a learning adventure


Term 5 -  Platinum Jubilee Celebration.

Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful afternoon celebrating the Platinum Jubilee Celebration at our field in Ewart road.

Completed Stone Age Animals by Year 3/ 4.

Stone Age Clay Animals

Some of the year 3/4 children painted their Stone Age clay models today.  I think you will agree, they look amazing.  Watch out next week for some more painted models.

Term 2 - 02.12.21 - Science Day - Sound.

Year 3/4 have had a wonderful Science day, exploring the best material for muffling sound. Santa needs a material to cover his boots as they can be quite noisy. He does not want to wake up any children when he delivers presents. We discovered that cotton wool was the best material for muffling sound. It should also keep Santa's feet warm!

Term 2 - 29.11.21 -  Art, music or computing day

Another day of amazing art, music and computing in Y3/Y4

Term 2- 26.11.21 - Art, music or computing day

The children of Year 3 and 4 had a day of art, music or computing. On Monday, they will do the other two activities. Please remember to send in an old shirt to save their uniform from getting messy.

Term 2 - 19.11.21 - Class Of The Week!

Congratulations to Ganges class for winning the 'Class Of The Week' award for the second time in two terms! Your attitude towards learning and outstanding behaviour have made you successful again. Have a wonderful weekend.

Term 2 - Y3/4 Stone Age Art Day

Year 3/4 enjoyed getting messy today and exploring with charcoal.  They did mark making and drew animals from the Stone Age.

Term 2 - Science - Exploring Sound

Term 2 - 19.11.21 - Children in Need

The children, as always, looked great in their children in need clothes.  Thank you for your kind donations.

Term 2 - 09.11.21 - Orinoco's Visitor

Caroline from St Peter's church visited Orinoco Class and Tiber class today.  The children had the opportunity to ask questions about Christianity.  She will be visiting again next week to work with Ganges Class.

Term 1 - 20.09.21 -  Year 3/4 Investigation Results

Which liquid damaged the egg (teeth) the most? 

Term 1  - 08.10.21 - Well done to Orinoco Class who have impressed Mrs Jordan this week with their hard work and poetry performance (see the video on Facebook).  They enjoyed their hot chocolate treat.

Term 1 - 01.10.21 - Congratulations to Ganges class for winning class of the week!

Term 1 - 30.09.21 - We had a visit from a paralympian who was part of the wheelchair rugby team. (Tokyo 2020) He showed us his gold medal.

Term 1 - 28.09.21 - In D & T we have been making fabulous flowers.

This term we have been focussing on place value.