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Virtual Sports Day - Thursday 9th July 2020


We are happy to announce our Virtual Sports Day is officially open! Please share with us what you and your family get up to either through our Facebook page or teacher email.

Have lots of fun and we can’t wait to properly celebrate with you next year!

Where to find the resources you need


The school continues to be closed.


You will find the work for your children on the year group specific pages (see below.)  This will be updated regularly and give clear instructions about how it should be completed.  Should you require help, please use the year group emails found at the bottom of the page.


Underneath that, you will find additional links to further websites and resources should you want some more activities. 


Reading continues to be important and  while we have provided children who are currently in school with books we are aware that these will quickly run out.  For this reason, if you go to the additional links page there are website links to online free reading resources.

Year group contact details


If you need any further support, during school closures you can email the year group teams directly.


These email address will only go live if the school closes.  The email address are as follows and will be checked daily:

Animal charity - Blue Cross - resources to support learning

Mental Health Newsletter for parents and children

General websites to support all children

Discovery Espresso home access guide for parents

Andy Goldsworthy Art Project

Hello children,

I hope all of you are well and not spending all your time arguing with brothers or sisters! 

I know you have been set English and maths to do along with some other activities but I thought you might also enjoy an Art challenge. So who is up for it?


I would like to see your best version of an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture. Who is Andy Goldsworthy, I hear you ask?

He is a British sculpture who takes his ideas from nature. So, first do a bit of research. Go onto Kiddle and enter Andy Goldsworthy sculptures. Under art in a natural environment, you can watch a clip which is 4.21 minutes long about one of his projects. If your parents allow you, look on Google at Andy Goldsworthy images of sculptures. You will find many beautiful examples of his work. 


I have included a few examples to help you. I have also included a few examples of some ideas I did myself quickly.

You can find many things in your garden (if you are lucky enough to have one) or in your house. Just be inventive and let your imagination go. 


Take your time and try and improve your first idea. Take pictures of your journey. WARNING:  Make sure you check with parents/carers before you use items.

Have fun!

Miss Wheal