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In year 6, our ambassador have already started to tackle their new roles and have impressed us with their commitment and attitude.  Their first job of the year was supporting a fund raising activity for our trip to camp in July which we are all looking forward too.   Here is a short report about what they did and how the evening went written by some of them.  I can't wait to see what they do next.  Mrs Perry


On Wednesday 19th of October we had a Halloween disco. The purpose of the disco was to raise money for the PTA and our year 6 trip to Kilve.


Many Ambassadors were given many roles such as selling sweets, where Charlie B, Callum and Taylor used their maths knowledge to work out the accurate change for the children. Justin a new school Ambassador was sweeping the floors so the floor would be clean for the children.  He also cleaned the cups so the children could have as many drinks as they want. The glow sticks stall was ran by Molly, Eleni and Paige they all enjoyed it.  Charlie P and Thomas K were serving the crisps however the children could only have one. Meanwhile Eleni, our new head girl, as well as some of the other ambassadors had the job of taking the children to the toilet no matter when or how often! All the KS1 children had a lot of fun and their costumes were amazing.


After that, we prepared for the KS2 disco where we could put on our scary masks to scare the children as they arrived. Quickly the Ambassadors picked up the pace and got everything back to normal so the next ones would still have as much fun as they would like.  This time, for KS2 disco, Justin was now doing the sweets with Charlie P and Callum. Charlie B was working with Leigh on the drinks and crisps.  Eleni was still on toilet run but was still having a lot of fun. Much dance was done including the famous thriller.


The disco went on to be a huge success and we want to thank a the PTA and all the Ambassadors who helped for they’re support. 



by Justin and Charlie

On Wednesday the 19th of October we had an ambassador assembly to celebrate who successfully got a badge to represent our school. The competition was tough and the children who were successful had gone through a gruelling presentation and interview with Mrs Perry and Mrs Fitzpatrick.


The ambassador roles were PTA, Sports, E-safety, Eco, school and our top four, Head girl, Head boy, Deputy Head girl and Deputy head boy. All the parents were so happy for their children, who finally became a great ambassador. There were lots of parents (Well over 50) who came to see their amazing children get a great achievement. Many parents and family were nearly in tears. Every child was very excited to achieve such an important role in the school.


All the Ambassadors were wearing their badges with pride once they were presented .The Head girl is Eleni, the Head boy is Jacob, the Deputy Head  girl is Taylor and the Deputy Head boy is Thomas K. All the PTA are Thomas.K, Molly, Paige, Danielle and Charlie.P. All the Sports are Keanu, Josh and William. All the Eco are Finlay, Jessica, Angel, Ellie and Mya. All the E-safety are Alex, Harry, Kim, Larissa and Charlie.W. All the school ambassadors are Naya, Ben, Justin, Charlie.B and Jacob.A. All parents were very impressed with their amazing fabulous child or children.


Our Ambassador assembly was a great success and made all  the children feel proud .  Many thanks to Mrs Fitzpatrick for creating the role and for organising this event and thank you to the parents for making it fell extra special.


Written by Eleni and Molly


Head Girl & Boy


Eleni K

Jacob T


Deputy Head Girl & Boy


Taylor J

Thomas K



Nya S

Ben D

Justin N

Charlie B


We are the  'front of house' ambassadors and we promote our school, values and learning to visitors. We will give you a tour of school and answer any questions you may have. We will be the link between the adults in school and the local community. We will always promote our school with pride, even out of school hours.  We will work in partnership with our other Trust schools Oldmixon, Bournville, Walliscote and Windwhistle. It is our job to work with other children from these schools and take ideas, suggestions and worries to our Headteacher. We will work in partnership to promote the Trust values. Milton Park is our school family.