Welcome to Phase 2
  • Year 1 Cabot          - Teacher Miss Miles, HLTA Mrs McTaggart
  • Year 1 Columbus    - Teacher Mr Jones, HLTA Mrs Moore
  • Year 2 Edison         - Teacher Mrs Jordan, HLTA Mrs Toolan, Mrs Rowland,
  • Year 2 Pepys          - Teacher Mr Nicholas, HLTA Mrs Toolan and Mrs Lewis, Mrs Rowland
  • Year 3 Brunel         - Teacher Mr Turner, HLTA Mrs Stamp
  • Year 3 Stephenson - Teacher Miss Flynn, HLTA Mrs Stamp
  • Phase Leader - Mrs Jordan
Year 3 Topic - Term 1&2
Well done Year 3 on your superb homework for Terms 1 & 2 - Animals including humans.
Please see the pictures below of all the amazing work.
On Thursday 20th ~October we had a visit from the The Somerset Birds of Prey Centre as part of out topic.  They brought with them a variety of birds of prey for us to see.  We were lucky enough to be able to touch the birds up close and even watch one in flight.  We learnt all about their habitats, diet, movements and how they hunt for their prey.